TOP 10 Fans Who Had Plastic Surgery To Look Like Celebrities


Some of the fans believe that plastic surgery shall give them the appearance that they need so as to get their dream life. Here is the Top 10 Fans Who Had Plastic Surgery to Look like Celebrities

10Toby Sheldon (Justin Bieber)

Justin Bieber is a polarizing celebrity. While Bieber has more than enough fans to for keeping him famous, he also has a good number of people who dislike him. Dislike may not be an appropriate word since there are several people who truly hate him. However, Toby Sheldon is among Bibber’s biggest fans. Sheldon is one of the rare beliebers’, as he’s a male in mid-30’s. Sheldon wanted to resemble Bieber and spent 6 figures trying to trying to look like Justin Bieber. The surgery wasn’t a success as he ended up looking like himself but with a goofy haircut and higher eyebrows.