10 Actors With Their Own Bands


Hollywood is usually full of multi-talented people are capable of having successful careers in more than one field. Over the years, we have become familiar with the ideas of musical theatre or opera. We have also familiarized ourselves with seeing actors singing in their movies. However, what about these actors singing in their own bands? Below are some well-known actors who throw their incredible talents into both music as well as acting. Here are 10 actors with their own bands:

10Zooey Deschanel, She and Him

In the 2003 movie Elf, the 23-year-old actress made a great impression on the audiences for both her incredible singing voice and onscreen charm. In 2006, three years later, Deschanel formed the band she and Him with M. Ward, whom she had met on the set of the movie The Go-Getter. The two had also met at the urging of the director, Martin Hynes where they sang a duet together for closing credits of the film.