After being pulled from the air for a short time in March 2015, Top Gear, the BBC’s most popular hit, is being revamped and even has a brand new host – a couple of new hosts in fact. In addition to Chris Evans, a British presenter, the popular car show is getting help from a famous friend to retain fans and draw new ones. Matt LeBlanc joins Top Gear in the wake of controversy and everyone hopes the show will be as great as it once was.


Can Matt LeBlanc Revive Top Gear?

One hope for fans of the show and its producers is that Matt LeBlanc affectionately remembered best as Joey Tribbiani from Friends can revive the show after its controversy. With an internationally-recognized face and a self-professed love of cars, there is a good chance that LeBlanc is exactly what the show needs to draw in big ratings when it hits the air in May 2016. Although LeBlanc will be the first non-British host in almost four decades, he is not a stranger to British crowds. In fact, he has appeared in British television shows for years and is loved by many, which makes him an obvious and ideal choice. LeBlanc has even guest-starred on Top Gear in the past and hosted the Top Gear spin-off, The Races, which did really well with audiences everywhere. LeBlanc’s love of cars and anything that moves fast ensures audiences can anticipate he will be down for whatever road trip or stunt that the producers throw at him.



Amazon Prime Show Set to Go Head to Head with Top Gear

Producers announced Chris Evans new hosting gig last summer but have been tight-lipped about their other host choices until just recently. Many believe the stealthiness of the new hosting gigs has something to do with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May’s deal with Amazon. Those being considered for the position weren’t discussed with many outside a tight knit group of people to prevent other shows from poaching prospective talent.

Clarkson was a well-liked, popular host of Top Gear until he caused a bunch of controversy including an unprovoked, drunken attack on a Top Gear producer, Oisin Tymon. After several run-ins that embarrassed the show, Clarkson’s contract was not renewed by the network. The drastic move shocked and angered fans. Even worse, Clarkson’s compadres and co-hosts, Hammond and May, shortly followed his exit and quickly netted a big deal with Amazon. It’s rumored that the Amazon Prime show will once again portray the car-related antics of the trio and will go head to head with Top Gear this spring.

Only time will tell if Top Gear will be more popular than Clarkson’s new show with Amazon, but with Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans on board, the show has its best chance to continue what fans love about the show. Although other co-hosts have not been confirmed by the show, it is rumored that producers are trying to strike deals with Sabine Schmitz, a German race car driver and Chris Harris, a British reporter.